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No wonder about the weather
By Jason Weigandt ’00, ’01

aking predictions is no magic trick for Lisa Mozer ’84—it is her career. As a broadcast meteorologist for The Weather Channel, Mozer convinces millions of people to grab their umbrellas or rub on some sunscreen.

Mozer and her staff receive the latest radar and weather databases so they can accurately pinpoint weather patterns. “Our equipment is equal to anything used by the military or the government,” she says. “It allows us to piece together a forecast.”

The North Carolina native came to Rowan as a communications major, gaining broadcast experience at WGLS and interning at Philadelphia’s WHYY-FM. The quest for work led her back to the south, where she landed a job as a production assistant at a television station.
Mozer continued her education with study in meteorology at the University of North Carolina and later enlisted in the United States Air Force Weather Technology program as a non-commissioned officer. After writing a story about weather and the team’s equipment for the Public Affairs office, she switched her military career from communications to meteorology. “I decided right then that I wanted to be a weather forecaster,” she says.

In 1998, she was activated in the Presidential Selective Service Call Up to support Operation Allied Force in Kosovo. By then Mozer was an established meteorologist aiding the operation with her forecasting knowledge.

Off the air, Mozer works to expand her knowledge beyond clouds and snowstorms. The proud mother of two sons, Mozer is involved with her church and boasts nearly 20 years of U.S. military service as a member of the reserves corps. She is also enrolled in a master’s program in aviation safety systems at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. “If there’s one idea I can instill in young people, it’s to step back and try to learn about a lot of different things,” she says. “No matter what it is, I will find a way to draw on whatever I study,”
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